12th Fleet Academy

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Welcome to the 12th Fleet Academy

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Information About the Academy

12th Fleet Academy, where only the best of the best survive through the courses and earn their title to be an official Starfleet Officer! Our courses are comprehensive, fun, engaging, and will prepare anyone for a great roleplay experience within the Star Trek world!

12th Fleet Academy Chain of Command

  • Commandant:
  • Vice Commandant:
  • Academy Secretary:
  • Academy Counselor:
  • Academy JAG:
  • Academy Medical:
  • Marines Instructor:
  • Security Instructor:
  • Starfighter Instructor:
  • Head of Honor Wings:
  • Blue & Cyan Wings Mentor:
  • Gold & Orange Wings Mentor:
  • Purple & Red Wings Mentor:

Major Choices: Engineering, Marines, Medical, Operations, Security, & Science!
Minor Choices: Communications, Engineering, Fire Search & Rescue, Marines, Medical, Operations, Security, Science, Diplomatic Corps, Intelligence, Relay for Life, or Stargate Operations!
Ranked Officers: Command, JAG or Starfighter Wing!

Can you make it? Come try!