Academy Launch

September 2392

September 8, 2392 at 1200 SLT, we cut the rope and opened the 12th Fleet Academy under the direction of Vice Admiral Kalayna Troi, M.D. and Captain Nikita, M.D. They will also serve upon The U.S.S. Perseus as the CO and XO! A whopping 13 people showed for the Grand Opening including friends from UFS.

From Vice Admiral K. Troi, M.D.:

"Welcome everyone to the 12th Fleet Academy opening. Thank you for your attendance. I would like to thank UFS to being here to support us. It means a great deal. If you do not know them, LT. Daz is our Diplomat who communicates through the two entities. Fleet Captain Emilie and Cadet Yann. We do respect their ranks here as they respect ours over there due to our treaty with them. So, we thank them for coming to support. Now, a few people to introduce on our side. I'm Vice Admiral Kalayna Troi, M.D. I'm the Academy Commandant/Superintendent for 12th Fleet and also the Fleet Second Officer among other things. To my left, is Captain Nikita, M.D., she is my Vice Commandant for the Academy among other things. We have four of our instructors here. Commander Kylen Tao, M.D. who will be our main teacher for the Diplomacy Course and Divisions Intro. He is our back up for Medical and Command. Commander Yusa Kakriko, M.D. is our main instructor for Science. he will be our back up for Medical. 1st Lieutenant Inola Nighbird is our main instructor for Marines. Lieutenant Lux Bombay, M.D. is our main Medical Instructor. While those are our instructors here, we do have Lieutenant Moxley, Commander Turner and Captain Greyfell who are also apart of the academy. I do want to take this moment to thank each of them for stepping up. Also, with that said we have incorporated our fleet chiefs into the academy which I'm super excited about. Fleet Admiral John Hartman, Admiral Nizz Amara, Commodore Southpaw, and Commander Kakriko will be on the Academy Council to help us with any issues within the academy and possible into the fleet too. We also had the Captain of the Ulysses, Captain Novastar step up and be our Secretary for the Academy and Council. So, I would like to thank them for stepping forward also. Without those people today, we couldn't have made the opening of the academy possible. Thank you for your time. You may now enjoy some drinks at the bar, dance, or if you would like to tour the academy sim you may. You can go to the right and sim cross (keep walking on the sim crossing) and tour. If you would like an official tour, please let me know."