UFS Annual Admiralty Banquet

UFS Annual Admiralty Banquet


On August 18, 2018 (2392 for 12th Fleet), Fleet Admiral John T. Hartman and Vice Admiral Kalayna J. Troi, M.D. both attended the UFS Admiralty Banquet to support them in their Awards and Promotions for the month of August and past year.


There were several people who spoke from UFS but one, in particular, struck good. It was the UFS Commander, Admiral MilesPrower Dragger. During his speech, he was talking about changes that were happening to UFS but he said that the changes do come with one thing in mind which I think we all can learn from. He said, "Take the time to meet them and learn about them you might make a real friend!" This was meaning the crew that you work with daily. The crew that has your back during the RP experience that we all do. The Admiral is correct. We should take the time to learn about each other and make a friend. He also pointed out a saying that many might have heard. It goes like this, "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey." He added to it with this, "But it also about who you take that journey with. We have chosen to take a journey of Star Trek Fandom together, so let's get to know each other on the way." So, remember while you are enjoying the RP, remember we are all on this journey together and we might find out things about each other and learn to love one another through an amazing friendship that could possibly be built from it.

The Flag Officers and community of the 12th Fleet would like to extend a Congratulations to those members of UFS who received Awards and Promotions during the banquet.