12th Fleet Captain’s Agreement

These rules may be subject to change at any time.

The following document outlines the responsibilities and expectations put forth by 12th Fleet Command for all Ship Captains (SIM Leaders).

1. In order to start a new ship, Captains must have the following:

  • A full bridge crew, including XO, Helm, Ops, Science, Engineering, Tactical/Security, and Medical Officer.
  • Submit roleplay times to the Chief of Staff to be added to the Events Board.
  • Participate in a successful three month (12 roleplay) shakedown mission in order to acclimatize and familiarize the new team with their ship and each other.

2. All Ship Captains are expected to financially support their own SIM for their Ship.

  • This responsibility is put in place to prevent conflicts over resources.
  • This also ensures that the Captain is serious about their SIM and its success.
  • If the Captain is unable to initially find, or risk managing a sim, their ship can be housed temporarily on the 12th Fleet main SIM for the duration of the shakedown mission, after which, they will be responsible for assisting with tier if a SIM is not acquired for the Ship.

3. The 12th Fleet can offer assistance with building resources and furnishings, as well as scripted items.

  • These are including, but not limited to: Bridge consoles/displays, chairs, view screens, turbolifts, etc.

4. Captains are expected to implement their own set of SIM rules.

  • While the individual SIM rules are at the discretion of the Captain, they must fall in line with the Rules and Code of Conduct as set forth by the 12th Fleet.

5. Recruitment will work with each of the Captains to best match new crew members with a ship.

  • Captains are free to recruit on their own, so long as they are sent to the Recruitment branch to file the appropriate forms.
  • The form can be found here: Application

6. All Captains will be required to submit crew rosters for organization into Google Documents.

  • This is to help the 12th Fleet administrative staff to keep track of who is where within the group.
  • This also helps us to allocate crew where it is most needed for understaffed ships.