Adam was a wild child in his youth. As the middle child, he was often the instigator of a lot of drama in the household. That said, his family was a loving one. His father Gerrod was a Freighter Captain who worked half of the year, as a rule. His mother, Jenn, a botanist, worked with Starfleet in their Science division. When he came of age, at the behest of his mother, he enlisted into Starfleet. He was headstrong and brash in the Academy, mainly focusing in Tactical and Helm operations. He graduated 3rd in his class, garnering him a mark of excellence from the Dean, who noted that he saw great things for Adam, who demonstrated high learning potential and great leadership skills. He served on a Sovereign class first as an Ensign, performing Helm operations. During this time, he would see a promotion to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) for his piloting in a nebula that nearly destroyed the ship. Later on, at the recommendation of his Commanding Officer, and the transfer of the ship's Chief of Security, he would accept the role of Security Chief, which garnered him the promotion to Lieutenant. During an incident at a landing party, Adam had a disagreement with the Party lead, the ships XO, and he was reprimanded. Angered by this, Adam requested a transfer and was granted as such. He then began his work on a Galaxy class starship, assuming the role of Helmsman. A couple years later, during an incident with the Romulans that gravely injured the Captain and killed the XO, he assumed Command of the ship to get it's crew to safety. The CO of the ship then propositioned Adam into the XO spot. Adam accepted, being promoted to Lieutenant Commander. A couple years later, during a routine negotiation on a planet near the Klingon neutral zone, Adam was forced to choose between the safety of the people and his away team. The prime directive kept him from helping the people on the planet. So, as such, he was forced to watch the planet become enslaved by the Klingon Empire. The decision was textbook, but left a sour taste in his mouth. After a disagreement with the CO and a Court Martial for insubordination, Adam resigned from Starfleet. During this off time, he met a couple of people who were a part of a freighter crew and needed a Captain. He accepted and joined the frieghter's crew as Captain and let the crew of 50 on various shipping missions in the Triangle. The frieghter's cargo shipments varied. Some of it was for Starfleet. Some of it, shall we say, was more illicit. In any case, he enjoyed his time on the frieghter. It was about a couple years later that everything changed. During a shipment with the Klingons, Romulans attacked. The freighter was cripple heavily in the crossfire. Through his quick thinking, Adam was able to pilot the freighter to safety when the pilot was badly injured. With no place to go for repairs, good luck shined her rays upon the ship when they came across the planet housing the 12th Fleet. The requested and docked on the planet, beginning what was promised as a 6 month minimum repair job. The crew dispersed and Adam was left with nothing to do. Until a fateful meeting with the Captain of a newly launched ship, Maarra Hartman of the Ulysses, in a local tavern. The timing was right, and the Captain convinced Adam to come to 12th Fleet HQ, meet with the Fleet Admiral and have a look around.