Background Alexender

Alexander Greyfell was born on the last Argussian colony of Veridian III. The Argussian Imperium was once a powerful Empire that had been all but wiped out and the Federation had offered their people protectorate status and allowed them to set up a colony on Veridian III.

Alexander was just six months old when the entire colony was massacred by the Fen Domar Theocracy during General Zaarn's short-lived invasion of the Federation.

Alexander was discovered by Federation relief teams hidden within a storage container and was taken back to the Sol System. He was adopted by a family based in England, Europe on Earth and was raised there.

He entered Starfleet Academy when he reached physical maturity at age 5 and served aboard the U.S.S. Cairo, rising rapidly to Chief Engineer of that ship, before accepting a job at Starfleet Corps of Engineering headed by Captain Geordi LaForge.

Alexander worked on new ablative armor upgrades, which incorporated an enhanced particle synthesis technology. The technology was tested and installed on the U.S.S. Challenger, an experimental Galaxy Class starship which served as a testbed for many engineering designs.

Alexander was given command of the U.S.S. Warrior following the death of her original Captain and oversaw her development which ultimately ended in the failure of the project however Starfleet was so impressed with his command style that Starfleet commissioned the Sovereign Class, U.S.S. Warrior and gave him command.