MaKenna's Background

A young medically needing Irish-Hispanic baby was dropped off at the hospital in a small Urban community hospital in Ireland. The girl had diabetes, type I and Autism. The girl's mother, Anarosa Vond, was just killed by her father and the woman thought that the hospital was the best place for the baby to be put into the foster care system. Kenna grew up happy but was tossed around from foster home to foster home being told she was too out of control until her social worker decided that was enough. The woman brought her to the United States without telling Ireland and started abusing the girl and the system saying that she was her kid when in reality she brought Kenna to find a family. When they got to Lafourche, Louisiana, Kenna would often run away from home and stay around the school. Soon, some friends were called to help Kenna who was in an autistic meltdown after running from the principal. A woman immediately placed her with Dani in whom adopted her at just six years old. Kenna became happy and would attend school, occasionally skipping and grades dropping because she was just so bored. At nine, Kenna suffered a major bear attack. The bear hit the side of Kenna's head and Kenna fell unconscious for several minutes leaving her with brain damage which ended up causing Epilepsy and being deaf in the right and ability to hear in the left through a cochlear implant. It also causes weight maintenance issues, so Kenna is smaller for age than normal. Soon, Kenna became able to grow over the problems. She continued school having issues staying in it. Soon, Kenna was 14 and the school burned down to the ground due to a bomber. Kenna finished high school online at 15 then started college. She started out as a Law Student and ended up changing half-way through to counseling. So, she could help other students like her and after her mom was put in prison, Kenna felt Law wasn't for her. Now at 18, Kenna finished the fast track degrees and returned home with a master's counseling psychology with a bachelor's in photography from Harvard University. Now at 21, Kenna is off to do better things. Starfleet has her eyes but at the current time she is nervous about doing so.