Background Muraco

Muraco is a void wraith demon a highly advanced technological species they are advanced in cybernetics and space traveler having a small fleet of 10 Dyson spheres 8 of which are still in construction the species are heavily exploration based they explore universes and alternate reality's and dimensions utilizing the quantum reality drive on their ship which is essentially a micro black hole artificially created at the center for energy. the species will observe pre-warp civilizations by taking their spheres to planets and they will slightly phase the sphere out of time space to avoid any interference from the ships gravity. Muraco came to star fleet out of curiosity the ship in which he joined at the time the republic needed a engineer Muraco being the leader of his planet and a great inventor and engineer took the job he has stuck with the same crew and is now stationed on the warrior his ability to fly has been helpful in the past and his ability to shape shift allows him to blend into pre-warp civilizations now he cant take a human or human like form but he can take the form of a wolf or a horse which on most planets blends in well. Muraco also has an obsession with cheezits and will store mass quantity of them in every inch of a ship you will often find a flood of them fall out of a bulk head if the cover is opened for access. Muracos planet and their technology is far more advanced than star fleet but under an agreement with the head admirals of star fleet he agreed that he would not use any of his technology wile he was stationed anywhere in starfleet up to minimal levels such has his implant for example which is a chip that allows him to see basically console in his head as he has a few cybernetic augments so he can read off data through implanted screens in his eyes and a micro computer in his head. Muraco also has a few weapons that star fleet cleared but as for the most part most of his tech is stored away in his quarters and not aloud to be used except for extreme circumstances. more on his species an example of his species because they are an energy based life form based on void energy from the void dimension should Muraco be killed in battle it is possible for him to rematerlize basically make a copy of himself all be it close by he cant materialize miles away more like within 2500 feet of his last location his body would remain evan tho he rematerlized because the body's his species creates are true flesh and blood body's as his species build them from void energy. tho this dosent make them gods they cant build a structure or a entire planet but this is what gives them their unique ability to shape shift they reorganize their energy to make new body's you will offten see Muraco in many forms be it a wolf a stag or a dragon he does have his limits for example they can only be as small as a kobold and as large as a full sized full grown feral dragon they so they cant for example become a puddle and slip under a door.