Nizz's Background

Nizz is an orphan. Her mother was a romulan reffugee, as well as part of a long forgotten experiment. Her mother died getting her to Federation space, where she was taken in to a federation orphange, and generally treated with casual neglect. On her eighteenth birthday she left the orphanage, and planetside, to sign up for the marines.

In boot camp, her fellow recruits were just as pleased as you might think at having a romulan half breed among their ranks. Her eye was damaged during one of the many fights she survived during that time, and was later replaced with a custom implant which she uses to facilitate her work among the fleet.

Shortly after being posted to her first assignment, she was seconded to the fleet from the marine corps, thus allowing her to take a post as ship's tactical officer. From there, she climbed to second officer, and then was offered first officer when the ship's command was changed. From there, she was dragged kicking and screaming up the ladder to Captain, and thense to flag rank.

She is now the head of the fleet's intel devision. From this point forward, her jacket has been redacted for her own safety and that of the fleet.