Paul's Background

Born on Andoria, Paul was placed for adoption by his birth parents when they had to flee andoria during a political conflict. Unfortunately Paul was too young at the time to remember his heritage. he was adopted at Star base 12 by a human family looking to have a child from a far off world. Paul's adoptive parents never truly understood Paul's fascination with the stars. However, at a young age he always dreamed of exploring the stars. His adoptive parents at the time did not wish to have Paul enter star fleet for fear of him never coming back. But, despite his parents wishes, Paul continued to follow his dreams of science and exploration. At age 27 he entered the academy in star fleet and never told his parents hoping that they would never find out. Sadly, a letter went out to his adoptive parents from the academy on graduation day recommending his assignment to the USS Ulysses as a enlisted science officer. Today, his passion for exploration and adventure continue to grow. As a side note, his adoptive parents refuse to speak with him and continue to hold a grudge against Paul for going against their wishes and joining star fleet. Paul has tried to each out to them to make amends but has yet to receive a reply. He hopes to one day be reunited with his parents and restore their relationships with him. Until then, he lives on his own at a small star base in the Terlamarian region where he is studying the terlamarain customs and interacting with their people for entry into diplomatic relations with star fleet.