Background Poppy

:::Personnel File::: 12th Fleet
Current Rank: Rear Admiral
Current Post: CO of USS Agamemnon
=Former posts= 12th Fleet
Reserve activation to Commodore
Retired Commodore of Coordinator Director
Commodore in 12th Fleet Starbase 248
Captain USS Hercules

Education: Starfleet Academy, 2413-2415
Major: Engineering, Minor: Science
Division:Engineering Subdivision: Science
Specialty: Computer and Sensor

Do to the reactivation clause. Taking out of retirement and drafted back into the fleet. To oversee Construction in 12th Fleet. station and ships.
::Subspace Message::
John T. Hartman: under starfleet regulations i hear by use the reserve activation clause
Poppy Southpaw: on who?
Poppy Southpaw: blinks
John T. Hartman: you
John T. Hartman: :P
John T. Hartman : btw happy thanksgiving
Poppy Southpaw spits out her juice
Poppy Southpaw: sir? what do you need from me?
John T. Hartman : everything
Poppy Southpaw: everything??
::End Transmission:::