Education: Starfleet Academy, 2413-2415
Major: Engineering, Minor: Science
Service Record:
Ensign Engineer: on Newpoint Station
LT Engineer: Chief Engineer on USS Andromeda
Commander Chief Engineer Acadeny Instructor
Commander in Starfleet Engineering Corp.
Commander XO of USS Andromeda
Captain USS Hercules
Commodore in 12th Fleet Starbase 248
Retired Commodore of Coordinatior Director

Do to the reactivation clause. Taking out of retirement and drafted back into the fleet. To oversee Construction in 12th Fleet. station and ships.
::Subspace Message::
John T. Hartman: under starfleet regulations i hear by use the reserve activation clause
Poppy Southpaw: on who?
Poppy Southpaw: blinks
John T. Hartman: you
John T. Hartman: :P
John T. Hartman : btw happy thanksgiving
Poppy Southpaw spits out her juice
Poppy Southpaw: sir? what do you need from me?
John T. Hartman : everything
Poppy Southpaw: everything??
::End Transmission:::