Sarrow Troi's Background

Current age 110 years old. My mother Delmore Abris is El-Aurain and more than 600 years old. My Father Axion Bel Abris was a Betazoid Artist and the son of a Matriarch of the 4th house of Betazed. I studied Botany at the University of Betazed. Was married to Layla Riix in 2372. Widowed at the battle of Betazed in 2374. Spent 2375 to 2398 wandering. in 2398 was taken prisoner by the Klingon mercenary M'Gor then held for 11 years as a slave. Was rescued from M'Gor in 2309. Lived on Bajor with the family of fellow prisoner Duv Relan from 2410-2413. Eventually joined Starfleet and became a science officer. Met Dr Kalayna Troi in 2417. Became a Full Lt and earned a degree in Astrozoology. Was formally Betrothed to Kalayna and married her. Left Starfleet to finish Training as a El-Aurian Lore Keeper. Took a job as a Bartender with the 12th fleet so I could be with Kalayna and practice the art of listening.