Kalayna Troi's Background


Kalayna was born on a romulan warbird to her parents. She was not a normal baby. She had been genetically engineered to have certain things. as she grew but also had her blood to genetically kill anything that was her original DNA which results later in life to appear as Aplastic Anemia. This was a result of deals that had gone bad right before Kalayna's birth. Her mother had endured extreme pain while the Romulans carried out the genetic implementations. As far as Kalayna, she had bright stormy gray eyes. Her mom and dad knew that this wasn't a good thing. However, the doctors told her that her baby was fine that there was no notable differences with the child. Her parents treated her like a normal little girl trying to bring her her up normally but one day right before her second year, Kalayna was starting to telepathically talk with her parents and it was pretty clear it was the betazoid language. At three, Kalayna was taking back to the hospital for her three year check. Her parents told the doctor they were concerned about her telepathic abilities. Kalayna was referred to Dr. Elisa at the University of Betazed with the Caravan Institute. Dr. Elisa was able to confirm the telepathic abilities since birth and recommends a special school for Kalayna, however her parents denied. Eliza and Ezera was sure of that they could bring up Kalayna normal. They started her in dance school.

A year later Kalayna started primary school. Of course, many of her classes were focused around the ability to master meditation. However, Kalayna would show out during these classes and several of the kids would tease and torment her as they knew she was different. The primary school reached out to Eliza and Ezera recommending they pull her from the school and enroll into a special school. Her parents deny it and deny them the information of what they really wanted to know what was true. The same year her mother gave birth to two psychologically unstable twins which Kalayna knew the Romulans had messed with as she knew her mother had messed up on a recent deal with them. She heard everything and unfortunately, that did not help Kalayna. Kalayna was hospitalized a few years later for psychological distress.

The next year Kalayna started Middle School. This time the torment was worse. At this age, the kids drugged Kalayna and beat her till she was black and blue at one point. Eliza and Ezera finally called the doctor and was sent back to Dr. Elisa. Dr. Elisa found out that the Kalayna had been drugged and bullied. Dr. Elisa confronts the school letting them know that Kalayna had been drugged and bullied. The school now refused to let Kalayna back in due finally knowing that she had her telepathy at birth. Kalayna was later readmitted at the Caravan Institute for psychological distress and suicide idealization.

Later that year, Kalayna starts a new school for those with early telepathic abilities. Her siblings now started torment her saying she was just like them and would never amount to anything. She ignored them as they kept having to be hospitalized in the Caravan Institute and luckily during this time everything started to calm down and eventually graduated school two years later than wanted but she did. She even completed her senior dance recital which earned her a full-ride dance scholarship to University of Betazed. At least, she was close to Dr. Elisa now and was happy about that.

Kalayna doubled major in medical and psychology and the end of her Bachelor's program Kalayna was in a major shuttle accident going home and had to be hospitalized for three weeks at University of Betazed and do rehab that whole year. She finally got out of rehab and started again at the University of Betazed for her Master's in Medical and Psychology. Finally in May of 2417, she completed her Master's and headed back home.

Kalayna went home and the next day, Eliza and Ezera wanted to go see the twins in Dalana and explain to them what had been going on for the past few months. Kalayna knew much of it as she read the thoughts of her parents all the time and ended up gaining Intel that her parents had been working with the Romulans. She had known the deal went bad and they were making threats to their family but Eliza and Ezera stopped giving the information because of Starfleet threatening their jobs at Dalana Hospital as CMO and CEO. She eventually found out Tal Shiar had been behind trying to kill Eliza and Ezera and only a few days later her sibling committed suicide. Lwaxana and Deanna had come in and told her they would take care of everything. Kalayna locked her self away debating what to do!

Kalayna spent several months upon the U.S.S. Enterprise-D with Deanna. Deanna was constantly watching after her making sure she was OK, after everything that had gone on. Deanna recommended her to go to San Fransisco to Starfleet Academy tell them that she wanted to be in Medical because of her degrees at the University of Betazed. Deanna also recommended her to see the Counselors there while she was in training. So, Kalayna applied and a few days after she applied she was granted the permission to head off for training and she also did do what Deanna recommended with the Counselors. During this time, Kalayna became deathly ill and had to be implanted with nanites to ensure that the Romulans genetic play was under lock and key and couldn't kill her anymore but it would require Kalayna to keep an eye on her blood counts in case the nanites ever decided to stop working. Now, fast forward a few months after Graduation at top of her class, Kalayna is now with 12th Fleet as a Vice Admiral.