Lt. Cmdr. Zhargria zh'Solari Background

Zhargria was born on Vulcan originally to very high powered Vulcan officers. They were both well rounded and esteemed professors at Vulcan Academy. As Zhargria grew on Vulcan for the first few years, Zhargria seemed different than other Vulcans. She wasn't learning at quite the pace her Mother and Father expected. Zhargria was eventually sent to Andoria to live with her Aunt, maybe she would fit in to learn at the pace of an Andorian. The young girl was mortified from being sent from her kind to another race's planet. Her aunt soon gave her up for adoption. Zhargria was crushed. How could her Aunt do this? Soon Zhargria was adopted by the zh'Solari's who cherished Zhargria and made her the Princess of their home. They even helped Zhargria learn at the pace of the other students at the school, soon when Zhargria was old enough they sent her to the Starfleet Academy where she learned how to operate communications and tactical stations. She was finally on the level of her mom and dad but would her mom and dad ever accept her again because Vulcans were more esteemed in science. Eventually, Zhargria did learn of her parents and what they thought of her. They were still ashamed of her and it haunts Zhargria to this day.