Combadge Rules

Step by Step Set-Up

  1. Wear the combadge.
  2. Click the combadge, you may have to be in edit mode for this.
  3. Click 'My Name'.
  4. Type in your stuff in this format, [Rank][First Inital][Last Name][Title]
  5. Click OK or Submit.

Your done!


  1. Format: [Rank][First Initial][Last Name][Title]
  • Ex: Vice Admiral M. Montague, FCOC

General Rules & Protocols for Combadge

The Title part is ONLY for M.D. or Counselor or Fleet Chiefs!

  • Fleet Chief of Communications - FCOC
  • Fleet Chief of Engineering - FCOE
  • Fleet Chief of Intelligence - FCOI
  • Fleet Chief of Marines - FCOM
  • Fleet Chief of Medical - FCMO
  • Fleet Chief of Operations - FCOO
  • Fleet Chief of Security - FCOS
  • Fleet Chief of Science - FCSO
  • Fleet Chief of Stargate Operations - FCOSO
  1. If you don't have a last name, the first full name is appropriate.
  2. Use your appropriate rank for the combadge, it will be treated as having the wrong uniform on and may lead to disciplinary actions.
  3. Need the password? Please contact Vice Adirmal May Montague or Admiral Nizz or Fleet Admiral John T. Hartman