Division Awards

Division Awards

Ambassador Award:

  • For showing great ambassador skills when representing the fleet.

Brig Ya Go Award:

  • This is presented to Security members who were able to successfully foil plans of attack on the fleet.

Command Excellence:

  • Given to a command member showing excellence in Command skills.

Cyan Cross

  • Given to a member the medical division who has shown excellence in showing knowledge of the medical equipment and following the handbook.

Diplomatic Excellence:

  • Given to a member in the diplomatic corps for showing excellence.

Dyeson Award

  • For finding a breakthrough while researching in the science department

Engineering Excellence:

  • Given to a member of the engineering department for showing excellent knowledge in the engineering department.

Helmsmen Award:

  • Presented to an individual who shows excellence in flying the starship and actively make sure of the ship’s safety while getting to the destination of the mission.

Intel excellence:

  • Given to a member who has shown excellence in the intelligence division.

JAG Excellence:

  • Given to a member of the JAG department for showing excellence and being a diplomat when faced with trials.

Marines Excellence:

  • Given to a member of the marines for showing excellence in the marines department

Medical Hero

  • Going above and beyond to make sure no one was injured during a mission OR has successfully helped someone that was medically in trouble during a mission.

Operations Excellence:

  • Given to a member in the Operations department for showing excellence in service and has been successful in averting dangers.

Science Ribbon:

  • 6 Months as Fleet Science Chief or Ship Science Chief

Security Excellence:

  • Given to a member in the security and tactical department who has shown excellence.

Shoot Ya Award:

  • This is for a tactical officer who strategy and plan worked out for a favorable resolution and is able to maintain a level of calmness during a mission and performing their day to day duties.

Starfleet Command Medicine Ribbon:

  • 6 Months as Fleet CMO or SHip CMO

Stargate Excellence:

  • Given to a member who shows excellence in the stargate operations division.

Stellar Award:

  • For showing astounding service to the science division. This member must be at least 6 months old in Starfleet.

Warped Mind Award:

  • This award is given to aengineer officer who has shown dedication to fixing major warp core malfunctions.