December 2, 2391

=^= Title: “Echos of History, continued” =^=
=^= Fleet wide action, by order of Admiral Nizz Amara, in Concurence with Fleet Admiral John T. Hartman =^=
=^= Ships Called to Action:USS Arizona/USS Agamemnon =^=

=^= Synopsis=^=
The USS Garibaldi and her crew have made a strange discovery which require the science abilities of other ships, and thus the ‘Zona, and the Ag have been called into service. The planet below, once populated with a federation out post, now seems only populated by some strange, plasmotic based life forms, which it is thought may have once been the colonists of the outpost. Beam down, study, evaluate, and see what might be done to restore these people, but be constantly aware that A. Any time you spend planet side, your body is being exposed to radiation, so planet time should be very limited. Also B. and more out of character, these people were last, humanoid nearly 200 years ago. So let us steer clear of tropes such as transporter buffer patterns and the like if you please. Be creative, and have fun!