General Awards

General Awards

Andoria Gift Award:

  • Awarded to individuals who participate in Charity events in the name of 12th Fleet.

Babel Me Award:

  • Awarded to Individuals who successfully create activities for the members of the fleet and see them through.

Brighter Outlook Award:

  • Awarded to individuals who talk well about the fleet and had members join because of it.

Building Achievement Award:

  • Given to a member who has shown excellence in learning how to build for the fleet.

Captains Ribbon:

  • Awarded to captains who have served as a Captain of a ship for more than 6 months.

Communicator Medal:

  • Given to a member who has shown excellence in their division.

Crushing It Award:

  • Showing good sportsmanship during roleplay that enhances the roleplay.

Discovery Award:

  • Presented to individuals who help discover a new world, plant, animal, or anything that the fleet does not know yet.

Federation Award:

  • This is presented to a member who has been a leader and served to the best of their ability, attempting to be a proper representative of the fleet, and always willing to help another fleet member. They dedicate their time and service to bring Roddenberry’s ideas to life.
  • One per Year.

Federation Medal:

  • Awarded for exceptional performances and service to the fleet. Individuals who receive this award have exhibited exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service and achievements.

Friendship Award:

  • Awarded to a member who shows significant acts of friendship or outreach to a fellow member or on behalf of the fleet.

Good Conduct:

  • Issued to ONE member of the fleet per month for no negative conduct reports.

Miles Award:

  • This is given to a crewmember who exemplifies what 12th Fleet is all about. This is showing leadership, consistency, and willing to help others.

Money Baby Award:

  • Given to a member of the fleet who has given lindens to better the fleet.

Picard Award:

  • This is given to a Commanding Officer, Flag Officer, or Division Lead for showing a level of excellence and going beyond the office in their dedication and work ethics.
  • One Per Year.

Program Me Award:

  • Awarded to individuals who successfully create programs that 12th fleet can implement into the structure of the fleet to better it.

Relay for Life Medal:

  • This is given to members who step up and be the Captain or Co-Captain of the 12th Fleet RFL team.

RFL Ribbon:

  • Issued to each member of Relay for that year. The symbol for that RFL year will appear in the middle.

Scripting Achievement Award:

  • Given to a member who has shown excellence in scripting and helping out scripting things that need to be done.

Texture Me Ribbon:

  • Given to a member of the fleet who has helped with textures.

Valor Medal:

  • Awarded to Starfleet officers who show remarkable leadership, meritorious conduct, and acts of personal bravery during the service to the fleet.

Volunteer Award:

  • Awarded to individuals who help step up to the plate and volunteer to help out with things that need to be done for the fleet.

Website Design Award:

  • Awarded to individuals that help out with the webpage.