Medical Division

Hello! Welcome to the 12th Fleet Medical Department. This is your guide to getting started here with 12th Fleet Medical! This is basically our handbook for Medical here at 12th Fleet! If you join medical, you will receive our medical handbook via google document. Any questions about this guide must go to the Fleet CMO!

Medical Chain of Command

Fleet CMO: Isabeaux Nighthawk, M.D.

Fleet ACMOS:

Ship CMOs:

  • Starbase 248:
  • Starbase Valhalla:
  • U.S.S. Agamemnon:
  • U.S.S. Garibaldi:
  • U.S.S. Starfalcon:
  • U.S.S. Leviathan:
  • U.S.S. Apache:

Commanding Doctors:

  • Starbase & Ship CMOs

Starfleet Medical Protocols

Regulation 121: The chief medical officer has the power to relieve an officer or crewman of his or her duties (including one of superior rank) if, in the CMO's professional judgment, the individual is medically unfit, compromised by an alien intelligence, or otherwise exhibits behavior that indicates seriously impaired judgment. A Starfleet officer can face court martial for failing to submit to such a relief.

Physical Protocols

New Crew Physicals
All new members of 12th Fleet must report to a fleet doctor for their first physical, once assigned to a ship or the station, they may report to the Starbase CMO or Ship CMO for a physical. Fail to report will result not being able to go on active duty until physical is complete.

Crew Physicals
All crew members must report in for a physical every year. If you fail to show for your physical you may be removed from active duty. The only person currently allowed to do physicals is the fleet doctors.