Fleet Wide LCARS

November 25, 2391


We all know how LCARS can make a ship! We want to make the fleet our own!

It takes time to look this great! I'm sure you would agree! We are now implementing new LCARS to all of our ships!

This is the order of upgrades:

  • U.S.S. Garibaldi
  • U.S.S. Arizona
  • U.S.S. Agamemnon

What does this include?!

  • They will be recolored to match each ships BRIDGE.
  • Color customization will be available for a price.
  • All LCARS will have 12th Fleet LCARS written on them somewhere and the Ship’s name/registration number.
  • Only will be given out as no-modify and no-transfer to others.
  • Full-perm of the fleet wide lcars versions will not be given.