New Face

November 18, 2391

Fresh Faces

Sometimes we don't know who is in front of us until they prove to us who they are!

Kari Troi was welcomed into the fleet as a Commander to head of up the Medical Department Fleet wide. She has done an extraordinary job since she has gotten here!

Kari has done:

  • Write the Medical Protocols and Handbook
  • Creating new Fleet Wide Lcars
  • Creating a new Padd for members to use (ask her how to get one!)

and many many other things! I'm sure you would love to get to know her because the Fleet Admiral John T. Hartman, has given her the rank of Vice Admiral and title of Fleet Second Officer but she will still be our lovely Fleet CMO! So, please help congratulate her on her well deserved achievements!

Congratulations Vice Admiral Kari Troi, M.D.!