Fleet Rules

these rules are subject to change at anytime

Rule #1 - One of our priorities is to have fun - Please respect this and enjoy!

Rule#2 - Absolutely no swearing will be tolerated on Voice.

Rule#3 - Please have respect for others, and play games in the appropriate channel - The social channel is the Promenade for off-duty officers.

Rule#4 - Keep the jokes appropriate for the community. We have kids possibly around - Please respect them and their parents.

Rule#5 - Please respect the Fleet, and do not invite those who you think would cause trouble, or be a breach of security.

Rule#6 - Absolutely no discrimination will be tolerated.

Rule#7 - Non-interference in game or out of game will not be acceptable. No excuses, because if something threatens others in the fleet, it must be dealt with, whether you like it or not.

Rule#8 - If there is a problem with someone on the Discord server, make sure everyone reports it to the server admin (s )

Rule#9 - This is a private Discord server, please ask a server admin before inviting friends here.

Rule#10 - When someone is teaching others about skills, bridge officers, and other aspects of Star Trek, or even other games, do not interject any opinions or advice until the person is done with their student. This is to avoid possible confusion or argument.

Rule #11 - Use courtesy and maturity when dealing with others. Do not berate or condemn people for trivial reasons. We are here to have fun.

Rule #12 - when doing missions with a group, be on Discord to listen to calls for help, and or what to do in the missions and always ask what you should be doing in the mission - dont assume anything.

Rule # 13 - everyone must take turns in speaking or typing on Discord if everyone starts talking all at once it gets very confusing and annoying.

Rule# 14 - No De-Rezzing of any rooms in current operation - Violators WILL be punished.

Rule# 15 - if you are drunk or high and are making trouble in Discord you will be asked to leave until you are sober

Rule# 16 - if anyone has a problem with another member deal with it Privately the Group DOES NOT WANT TO BE DRAGGED INTO IT

Rule# 17 - we are here to work together not fight each other if you can't get along find someone to help with the issue if that doesn't work you will be asked to stay away from each other and if that doesn't work the one causing the most Drama will be asked to leave.

Rule# 18 - If you know in advance you will not be able to attend Rp’s for awhile please use the Leave of Absence Form we do understand real life comes first this is why it is there use it.

Rule# 19 - the Complaint Form we have one and if there is a Legitimate Complaint or Suggestion please use that form.

Rule# 20 - please try to understand the difference between IC and OOC and for the love of God NO METAGAMING OR GOD MODING it will not be tolerated. if you don't know what IC or OOC means or Metagaming or god moding ask questions.

Rule# 21 - this Group will follow The Chain of Command as Set forth in Starfleet Command if you have a problem Take it up the the Chain of Command to the Officer Over you yes this Group will be run like a military if this troubles you this is what the complaint form is for otherwise Deal with it.

Rule# 22 - Starfleet Rules and regulations do apply to IC Stuff the rules here Apply to OOC

Rule# 23 - NO DRAMA OF ANY KIND is to be brought into the group you will be ejected on the spot

Rule# 24 - the Rules of the 12th Fleet are like the Rules of Acquisition there are always new rules to be added or changed when they are needed.

Rule# 25 - TROLLING will not be allowed in this group if you join this group to troll someone you will be ejected and banned just as fast.

Rule #26 - CORRECT Uniforms must be worn at all times. You must wear the correct uniform at all times, if caught in the wrong uniform, you may face disciplinary actions! This goes for the combadge formats, also!