Stargate Operations

Stargate Operations

There is a reason that these people are often referred to as the misfits of the fleet. These teams are often composed of people who have never seemed to quite fit in, never been sure where they belong, and so instead, they seem to try making a career, out of going everywhere, spending time learning from as many disciplines as they can.

For the longest time, these people, although both intelligent, and skilled, never seemed able to rise through the ranks, or to distinguish themselves within the fleet, that is, until a new technology was discovered, and the fleet needed the right people, not only to make it work, but to work with it.

For centuries, the fleet has been going where no one has gone before. Members of the Gate corps make a habit of not knowing where they are going until they get there. “It’s a dangerous business stepping out your front door. If you don’t keep your feet, there’s no telling where you’ll be swept off to.”

  • Fleet Chief of Stargate Operations: OPEN