The New Station

November 25, 2391

The Proposal

The station is a beautiful place for us all to come together and commune, however there is a new station that now competes with our own. Our current station has many things and many, many, many levels that have things we can build upon. However, the new station that a few people have put forth was John's original idea for our station but was not currently ready. The new station would house six crew members, the station has it's on scripted bridge, it can show ships outside our windows, and even can show red alert. There are many new bonus features to the station and can help us finish projects we had started already such as: scripting the old operations level, putting in the alert system, putting in a science lab, adding in a few more quarters, and things. This could be the benefits. A few things that that would have to be moved to the surface which could prove beneficial also is the promenade vendors, auditorium, and stellar lab. So, those who've already said Yes to this new station has put the motion forward of switching to this station.

There was a voting on this recently!

There were 10 votes for Yes and 2 Abstained!

Thank you for corporation and come see our new station!