Titlers Information

12th Fleet Uniform Titlers

Information on this page may be subject to change.
Disciplinary action will occur if titlers are not correct and used.


  • Wear your titler.
  • Find it in your inventory.
  • Right Click and edit.
  • Go into Contents
  • Find the Settings Notecard.
  • Follow next steps.

Settings Notecard

This is our typical notecard layout:

defaulttext=12th Expeditionary Fleet/n<fadm>/nFleet Admiral/nJohn T. Hartman

So, let me explain!

Do not mess with anything above the defaultcolor=Red line!

Your color is explained below, it goes along with rank or division. The only time it follows rank is when you are a FLAG OFFICER. Intel division is always the main division color such as medical or security.

Next line is the default text.
DO NOT TAKE OUT THE 12th Expeditionary Fleet line, /n<fadm>/nFleet Admiral!

the /n<fadm> and /nFleet Admiral are our ranks! The ranks are explained below.

You can add lines using /n but please add lines after Fleet Admiral.

Here's an example - This is a character!:

defaulttext=12th Expeditionary Fleet/n<ltcmdr>/nLieutenant Commander/nU.S.S. Garibaldi/nCommunications/nZhargria zh'Solari

Colors for Divisions

Just like the uniforms, we base the colors of the titlers on the Division or Rank. Intel is always the 'main' division such as Operations, Security, Engineering, Medical, JAG, Science, and Command or Flag Officer.

  • Orange - Cadets
  • White - Flag Officers
  • Purple - JAG
  • Red - Command
  • Yellow - Operations, Engineering, Security
  • Cyan - Medical
  • Blue - Science
  • Dark Green - Marines

Full Rank Names

Academy Cadets

  • Cadet First Class - cmr=/
  • Cadet Second Class - cma=
  • Cadet Third Class - cm=/

Full Officers

  • Jr Grade - Ensign Jr. Grade=▱
  • Ensign - ens=▰
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade - ltjg=▱▰
  • Full Lieutenant - lt=▰▰
  • Lieutenant Commander - ltcmdr=▱▰▰
  • Comander - cmdr=▰▰▰
  • Captain - cpt=▰▰▰▰
  • Fleet Captain - fcpt=▰▰▰▰▰

Flag Officers

  • Commodore - comm=[▰]
  • Rear Admiral - radm=[▰▰]
  • Vice Admiral - vadm=[▰▰▰]
  • Admiral - adm=[▰▰▰▰]
  • Fleet Admiral - fadm=[▰▰▰▰▰]