Rules to Uniform

Any Deviations from this without prior permission through the FLEET ADMIRAL may result in disciplinary actions.

  • You must wear the correct uniform at all times.
  • You must wear the correct pips at all times.
  • Combadge must be set up with the proper format at all times.

Obtaining a Uniform

  • Go to your ship or the administration building and locate a replicator. These are normally found in a lounge or mess hall.
  • Click the replicator and choose FEMALE or MALE.
  • Click the box when it rezes, it should give you a uniform, inside the folder is the V5 of the uniform!

Set Up of New Uniform

  • Locate the folder in your inventory.
  • Wear the Uniform Shirt and Pants/Skirt that fits your avatar size.
  • Add the pips, if you have an active AO you may want to add them to your spine instead. You also may have to adjust these to be on your neck and rotate them the correct way.
  • Your hair should be up or behind your neck, so your PIPS can SHOW.
  • Add your combadge. Comadge set up is found on the Comadge Rules page.
  • Add your configuration HUD.
  • Click 'Show' on the Configuration HUD. [right click edit and move into a visible area, if you don't see it at first].
  • Click your rank, this changes your neck pips. See below for rank full names.
  • Click the color of your division, see below for the different colors.
  • Click DUTY uniform. Dress Uniform is for Formal and Intel is ONLY for Intel people.

Intel uniform is set up the same way. Then instead of DUTY uniform as your main uniform, click INTEL! It will show your main division color on the INTEL DUTY uniform!

Full Rank Names

  • Regular Officers
  • NO RANK - No Rank, this typically don't occur.
  • CDT - Cadet
  • JR Grade - Ensign JR Grade
  • ENS - Ensign
  • LTJG - Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • LT - Lieutenant
  • LTCMDR - Lieutenant Commander
  • CMDR - Commander
  • CPT - Captain
  • Flag Officers
  • CMDRE - Commodore
  • RADM - Rear Admiral
  • VADM - Vice Admiral
  • ADM - Admiral
  • FADM - Fleet Admiral
  • Marine Officers
  • PFC - Private First Class
  • Serg - Sergant
  • Staff - Staff Sergant
  • SergFC - Sergant First Class
  • FirstSerg - First Sergant
  • SergMaj - Master Sergant
  • lt2 - Lt. Commander 2nd Class
  • lt1- Lt. Commander 1st Class
  • ltcol - Lt. Colonel
  • col - Colonel
  • mcpt - Captain
  • Brig - Brigadier General
  • maj - Major General
  • BrigG - Brigadier Genral
  • MajG - Major General
  • LtG - Lt. General
  • Gen - General
  • FieM - Field Marshal

Colors of Divisions:

  • Gray - Cadets
  • White - Flag Officers
  • Purple - JAG
  • Red - Command
  • Yellow - Operations, Engineering, Security
  • Cyan - Medical
  • Blue - Science
  • Green - Marines
  • Intel - Intel